Transcending Guruism

If you are familiar at all with my sharings on the social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook, you may have noticed that I seldom (if ever) share memes or quotes of our popular spirituality lecture circuit icons, gurus and “teachers of truth.” And there is a reason for that. It is because I deeply intuit that our following after these “famous ones” is counter to our realization and remembrance of who we already truly are within. The truth and light is within us, AS us!

Inner light

Following after teachers and gurus and icons misdirects us to an “other” appearing in this world, away from the infinite ALL that is already resident within us. And yet, we pay oodles and oodles of money to these icons in order to repeatedly hear yesterday’s rather stale manna.

For example, Jesus and his sent ones, as far as I can tell, never charged a fee for what they did as they “went about doing good.” Their love, their healings, their teachings were free. There was no charge for the loaves and fishes, no collections taken for healing sessions. And yet the needs of Jesus and his sent ones were supplied as they walked about without extra shoes or cloaks, carrying no purse or scrip.

Yes, it falls to us to support the planters and sowers and healers, as Love leads us to do. And I feel that Love would have the true laborers in Its fields to be liberally supplied! But Love and its caring actions are not products to be sold, promoted, and advertised. Yet they ARE sold, promoted, and advertised….and increasingly so.

Jesus and his sent ones had no “brand” to promote, took upon themselves no special titles, had no front men, no advertising budget or tactics, offered no paid for workshops, retreats, or seminars and gathered no tithes. They simply went about doing good and sharing about the oneness, shining out the light of their love energy.

How did the sharing of Love ever become organized religion or a “spirituality industry,” with icons and teachers and gurus being worshipped (in essence),quoted ad nauseum, and profiting richly while so many go hungry, do basic human needs unmet, and living as homeless?

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