Transcending the Paradigm of Enslavement; Ascending to the Paradigm of Love

explosed link on a chainWe will never totally be free to BE the FREE sons of Love till we get over our obsession with having kings and presidents and central corporate elite governments. We will also not be free until we . . .

Learn to be still and commune with the Divine Within and listen to its still small voice (#1!)

Stop speculating on and discussing ad infinitum what might happen . . .

Stop desiring more and better stuff to line our material nests (e.g., buying into the materialistic consumeristic world view and mentality) . . .

Leave off the endless discussing of what it seems has happened . . .

Cease our believing something better might happen, if only our “leaders” would do the right thing (always a matter of opinion!) . . .

Stop thinking that the system (the beast!) EVER truly has our best interests at heart . . .

Stop thinking that we can change the system . . .

Realize that the system is a hybrid of all belief systems that would control us, whether temporal or religious or philosophical . . .

Let go of fearing that we cannot escape the system . . .

Cease mindless participation IN the system agendae and programs of control . . . such as the drama of faux elections and false charity . . .

ABSOLUTELY stop PAYING FOR the system through taxes and usury! (this is most egregious!) . . .

End our buying into the notion that the system has anything in mind but the enslavement of ALL the people!


We are already free, if only we would get mentally still and stop the speculation and buying into the system’s false rhetoric and stories. But we are not acting or living out our freedom! We must make contact with the Divine within (some call this the Christ, and some call it the Buddha, some the Brahman, and some the Tao).

We are expressions of the Divine ONE LOVE. We are inherently free except that we have bought into the illusion that we are NOT free. We need to begin acting upon our Divine unction and intuition and exit the System. Only then will we have peace on earth and enough for all, for it will then outflow from within us.

It is totally impossible to serve both Love (God) and mammon (the Babylonian world mind system). Wise up, people of faith. There is no wizard in Oz. The wizard is within. We have fallen asleep in a field of poppies and are hypnotized. We simply need to wake up, realize our inherent sovereignty and LOVE one another, just as Love has always loved us. For we and Love are ONE.


Transcending Guruism

If you are familiar at all with my sharings on the social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook, you may have noticed that I seldom (if ever) share memes or quotes of our popular spirituality lecture circuit icons, gurus and “teachers of truth.” And there is a reason for that. It is because I deeply intuit that our following after these “famous ones” is counter to our realization and remembrance of who we already truly are within. The truth and light is within us, AS us!

Inner light

Following after teachers and gurus and icons misdirects us to an “other” appearing in this world, away from the infinite ALL that is already resident within us. And yet, we pay oodles and oodles of money to these icons in order to repeatedly hear yesterday’s rather stale manna.

For example, Jesus and his sent ones, as far as I can tell, never charged a fee for what they did as they “went about doing good.” Their love, their healings, their teachings were free. There was no charge for the loaves and fishes, no collections taken for healing sessions. And yet the needs of Jesus and his sent ones were supplied as they walked about without extra shoes or cloaks, carrying no purse or scrip.

Yes, it falls to us to support the planters and sowers and healers, as Love leads us to do. And I feel that Love would have the true laborers in Its fields to be liberally supplied! But Love and its caring actions are not products to be sold, promoted, and advertised. Yet they ARE sold, promoted, and advertised….and increasingly so.

Jesus and his sent ones had no “brand” to promote, took upon themselves no special titles, had no front men, no advertising budget or tactics, offered no paid for workshops, retreats, or seminars and gathered no tithes. They simply went about doing good and sharing about the oneness, shining out the light of their love energy.

How did the sharing of Love ever become organized religion or a “spirituality industry,” with icons and teachers and gurus being worshipped (in essence),quoted ad nauseum, and profiting richly while so many go hungry, do basic human needs unmet, and living as homeless?

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Transcending Pain Through Sharing Love

My Holy Sibling, so beloved,
I see and would kiss your scars,
The ones on your body,
Evidence of life’s trials,
Or the ones on your heart.
Those I feel rather than see,
Evidence of life’s saber edges
That once wounded so deeply.
And though I hope not
To make scars disappear,
I trust my tender Love
Would open them up
So your own light
Can burst through them
To heal the world.

beautiful heart

FYI–My Endeavors and Website URL’s

Not many know that I am not only a writer but also an artist. And like many of you, I also am sort of struggling to make my creative efforts gain exposure in a madcap, dog-eat-dog, consumeristic and competitive world. But it’s difficult for me, with my temperament, being all-inclusive, non-competitive and all about the LOVE, to do things the way the world at large does things! I mean, it is gut-wrenchingly difficult for me to self-promote.

But a gal has to survive, and I mean to do so authentically, through my creative efforts. So, to that end, I give you the url’s to the various pages that feature my creative endeavors, where, if you would like, you can purchase my books or various products containing the images of my paintings and original digital designs…. Also, be aware that all of my book covers were created by “moi,” using either my paintings or digital images for the cover art.

Much LOVE to all. We are ONE!

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Transcending Fear of Being Human (i.e., Flesh Is Not Evil!)

There is a message that lies subtly hidden in our holy books that we quote so often and that we regard as holding the absolute truth. (No matter what the book, from what I’ve observed! I’ve studied most of them with an eye to discover truth–and found that truth within).

There is an undercurrent in these books (Bible, ACIM, and others) that hints strongly that this world we see with the two eyes is not worthy of our Love and that if we enjoy it on any level or if we love one another’s mortal appearances in certain ways (as couples, as close friends, etc.) we are betraying our spirituality.

You see, my beloveds, despite the high-sounding spiritual rhetoric bemoaning our humanity, I truly and deeply feel that just the opposite is true–at least once we understand what Love truly is. And that is that to Love one another while yet seeming to appear in the body suit, in intimate relationship, is perhaps the highest form of Love…. to get past the conditions and to Love what is looking out from behind the fleshy face and the two-eyed virtual goggles.

Our calling, I strongly and deeply feel, is to be Love walking and loving right through and into the dream of separation, including the least of these my brethren, our friends, our mates, our children. This is where Love shines the best.

Oh, please, let’s get past the words written in books and spoken so “wisely” and loftily by our MANY gurus, and let us just shine our Love on one another, yes, even on all of “faulty” humanity, full bore, in the understanding that this ALSO is highly spiritual, perhaps the very epitome of spiritual!

For all that is seen with the two eyes was formed directly from the unseen, and where death and disease and discord appear, it is our function AS Love to shine freely and brightly, dissipating the false and revealing the true and setting the captive FREE!

AUM AMEN I AM LOVE–and we are ONE. To the pure in heart, all things are pure.

Transcending Mere Words and Thoughts: Living as Love

This old gal has learned a lot from “holy books”–several of them. My first exposure was to the Bible, which I sincerely, deeply studied for many years. And I listened to its many teachers and so-called “authorities” on “God’s Word,” which according to them, is the Bible, preferably the King James version. However, the authorities seemed to want to turn me aside from the truth I FELT hidden in those pages to something else, something dark and rigid. Doctrines, opinions, interpretations galore–not in sync with what I felt within!

But Jesus’ message (as I understood it–heartwise) resonated deeply, and I held onto his message, letting go of the religion organized around him, where he had become an object of worship (I felt, against his own wishes!). But oh, how I FELT Jesus and loved him–and still do!

And then, still not satisfied, I studied other “holy books” offering that seemed to be truth, both old ancient ones and modern ones. You see, I had always been led to believe that the key was in the study, in the perceptions of the mind, the thoughts, the thought systems, the beliefs. On the pages of these other books I found similar things written, though they did not always agree.

Still I found threads running through these books, often small, hidden ones, of a common theme, a hint of that divine spark of Love within us. I found words of Buddha and Lao Tse and others who had achieved their own realization of Oneness with Source–with Love. That deep and gentle FEELING of encountering truth pointed me to the Love within and nothing else. But it took years for me to trust this feeling. And I studied on and on.

But from the plethora of different teachers that aligned themselves with these other holy books, I got more and varying spins yet again on what those many words meant. More divisions of opinion and revelation, even more splintering of truth. So many taking on roles as as gurus, teacher, interpreters. The value in these experiences came down to only one thing for me.

Ultimately, it became clear to me that listening to the heart’s voice was the goal, the means, the narrow way to freeing Truth. My heart said, “Listen not so much to men as teachers of words–and not so much to words in books, for all truth is in you, as you…and in ALL living!” My heart said, quite in agreement with those hidden threads in the books, that Love is the answer, and that Love’s still, wordless voice is the only one to which I need listen.

Trust Love and listen to Its voice within. Love is God is Love is all, and It is IN us, AS us. Words in holy books point only to this ONE LOVE, beyond words and thoughts, that we truly ARE, and LIVING It. It’s all about the wordless voice of Love within. And for now, that’s all I’ve got to say about that. And oh, yes, I LOVE you, and we are ONE.

Transcending Some Popular Meaningless Beliefs

I have to say this. (Y’all can whip me with a new age cat-o-nine-tails–or a religious wet noodle–later). But there is NO WAY that God-LOVE set us down into this world system mess and said, “Here–have at it. Figure out how to overcome it, or else you’ll end up in eternal torment and never be allowed back home.” Does a mother throw her newborn down on the ground in a harsh and unfriendly environment and tell it to find its own food? Does she expect her child to figure out how to grow, to talk, to walk, to survive on its own? No, “God” (LOVE) did not send us here, did not create discord, did NOT create evil to teach us lessons, did not ask us to sink or swim.

And we did not sit around with ascended beings in some other-worldly galactic hall and decide who our parents were going to be or what human experiences we would have to have in order to “learn our lessons.” Karma did that. And WE set up the wheel of karma (sowing and reaping in duality) when we decided to seek a selfhood apart from the ONE LOVE. LOVE (God), in Its ineffable wisdom, merely ALLOWED us to do this, knowing that would could not stay away from home forever. For beneath our foolish desire to be separate, we have always been ONE with LOVE. There is no existence on ANY plane without LOVE, even though humanly, we have twisted Love into something unrecognizable.

We did not come here for some divine purpose. We came here–on our own–our OWN decision (an entirely mental trip), in an immature attempt to have a selfhood apart from the ONE love. Like teenagers. Like what Jesus said in his all-telling parable of a prodigal son. Love is only waiting for us to tire of groveling over material husks and transcend the false sense (a dream) of leaving home that manifested a mental world of discord, of death, of disease, of things that go bump in the night. In so doing, we knew not WHAT we were doing. We were mistaken, but not guilty or worthy of punishment, only mistaken. And Sweet LOVE is waiting for us to return HOME to Its paradise.

Being powerful as we are, having ideated this “selfhood apart” as persons in coats of skins, and being powerfully created in Love’s image, we are capable of pulling BACK that mental veil of separation and allowing what always HAS been to be revealed once more–in us, AS us, flowing from us. Yes, this paradigm has its beauties, its pleasures, its comforts. And we are loathe to leave it behind. But the alternative to this finite paradigm where fear seems to rule is so MUCH MORE beautiful, comfortable and pleasing to the soul. It is the realm (dimension) of LOVE. And LOVE is our reality, our home, our true self and substance.

When we become still in the mind, we can actually SEE and FEEL the perfect universe/world that exists hidden behind the mental veil our prodigality created. When we get over, become detached from, our finite mental creation, Love’s kingdom will unfold upon earth once more, from within us. Once we stop romanticising this world mind finite experience and clinging to it as our reality, our seeming problems will be solved. Be still and know this, SEE this, BE this LOVE that has always lived IN us AS us. All else is but a vain imagination.

“I have told you these things, so that in me (in LOVE, the I AM in us) you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” We are the LIGHT of the world…nothing less!

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