Culture of Gentleness

Yes–this: You are loved! Not just the words but also in tangible ways. But the words matter, too, perhaps to break through the mental conditioning? That shell of isolation? Excellent! Love those pillars he defines so well! “I will carry the load, just be with me” . . . and do things with me, together, for ourselves, for one another, and for others. This is truly a gentle teaching to be communicated, both in words and deeds. Communicating one’s Presence attentive, alert to what the heart is saying! Speak only kindly….but speak! Look only warmly! Touch only gently, respectfully. But touch! I’m with him…yes–invade my space with your gentle, loving kindness! And I, dear brother or sister, will touch you gently as well. Let it be so! I so LOVE this! Check it out!

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the violence of the machine

To the author, Ron Irvine: As I read on and on, I knew we had “seen” the same, experienced the same (only the specifics vary!) and had come to the same conclusions and place with the same questions. And as I read, my little heart’s little arms reached out to your heart, and it said the answer to all those questions IS Love… We ARE Love….we are HERE to love….and Love is our mission. What remains is the “HOW?” And I believe that the answer to even this is that LOVE, honoring our vision and intent, will continue to guide us and to show us the how. Must share this widely. Our vision and mission are one. Love lives with open hands, open hearts, and open will.

Living with Open Hands

I AM what I AM.

I AM a man of peace and justice.

I AM a man of equality and community.

Trying to live a life of integrity and simplicity.

I AM what I AM.

This is my identity.


How does a man of peace

Live while being swallowed up

By the violence of the machine?

A machine of our own making.

A machine that by its own nature

Must carry on and on and on

With us being good little cogs

In the machine.

The machine must work

as it casts out the outcasts

The broken and the misfits.


Into the margins go

The poor and downtrodden

The battered and the bruised

The tattered and the torn

The shattered and shocked;

Occupying the fringes of society.

A sort of landfill of people

Invisible and voiceless

Because they are

Useless to the machine.


The military industrial complex

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Transcending Cynicism and Bitterness

purple fire heart

There must be something wrong with me, if you go by what some folks have hinted at and have said to my face–yes, at times, even family and dearly beloved ones. And in terms of this world and its ways, perhaps this is so. But through many floods, storms, disappointments, abandonments, and heartbreak galore, I have never completely shut down, shut out, or given up on love. Nor have I become bitter or cynical. My sad retreats have been momentary, as I’ve licked some wounds and have cried out for help from Source.
This miracle is not my doing, does not make me special. It is the fire of love inherent within me that has done this, nothing else. (We all have this!) If I am gifted in this way, it is a gift of somehow being able to hear Love’s still small voice through the loud, raucus, discordant, hateful and often violent voices of this world-at-large. Have I known disappointments? Yes, many–and deep ones! But this gift has often, in actuality, saved my life and has salved those wounds.
However, I see so many who DO shut down and cave in to cynicism and bitterness. And this makes compassion well up within me. So let me add, as assurance to any who have succumbed to this, that as I’ve traveled, often solitary, through this often dark vale called “the world,” this power within me has held me up and kept me going. Thank Love for this because though it seems I have not accomplished much in this life (I haven’t!–not in the things that humans measure, compare, and call success), I have not lost the ability to love–and to love deeply.
If you ask some, they will say I have loved foolishly at times, and perhaps I have. Well, I must actually admit this is so–more times than I care to recount. But always I have loved full bore. Thank Love for this. Thank the ONE GREAT LIGHT that ability lives in us all. Thank Love that we can know and choose never to give up on being the light we wish to see, the light we wish to give, and the light we wish to receive in this world.
All I can say to you is this, with all my heart: DON’T hide your love away. Use it, display it, give it out without measure. Disappointments may come even as you do so. But never fear being a fool for love, because what you give, despite seeming setbacks and disappointments, will one day return to you, pressed down, shaken together, and running over.
Never give up. But now and then be still and listen to the voice of LOVE within you. Shut out those other voices. Know that the voice of the ONE LOVE within you will lead you to where you are meant to be.

Transcending Limitation–the Boundless Infinite Within

It came to me quite vividly today that the final and ultimate way to affect my own healing and wellness is to totally and fearlessly give in to the Infinite; to tap into the vast and unlimited energy of who I am by allowing myself (at last) to actually live as the alpha female sheepdog I was created to be!

To step past those old tapes (barricades to my personal and spiritual energy) and self/other-imposed and once deeply accepted beliefs and limitations.

To stop laying my heart down at the feet of anyone who would trample upon it or devalue the greatness that lies within (including at my own feet!)

To be my truest, baddest, “Boadicea” self, never standing down.

The calling is to guard hearts opening to powerful and universal truth; to nurture and protect that kind of growth in all who come to be within my circle of blessing. Nor shall I ever throw upon anyone the burden or label of “work,” but shall call to the flow of Love within, Whose yoke is easy and Whose “burden” is a soft and gentle LIGHT!

The sword is powerful Truth, known as the True Self I AM within us all. The ram’s horn call to action is to care for, to protect and to empower “the least of these my brethren.” The “battle” and the way are within, flowing to what appears to be “without.”


Transcending the “Dirt”

Well, the “top dogs” did it. They managed to divide and conquer again, to have the masses at odds with one another, even, it seems, those who calldirt themselves proponents of the Way of Love. So many are ready to hurt and kill one another, both physically and with words. We are digging, dishing and doing dirt, up and down, right and left. The dirt is just FLYING on social media!

While they (the system minions) were busy using the media to feign an election to distract us, they did something nefarious, I’m sure, as always. (People thought their vote counted? Only if the 1% wanted it to count!) We just don’t know what that nefarious something is yet. But the heart knows. And what the heart knows will come to light. My heart knows. But my heart ALSO knows that the system cannot succeed at this without both our consent and participation.

And this time, they managed to keep us divided and talking about the faux election and made up stories and issues even long after the election. It must be a really, really BIG nefarious something they’re up to this time. Something like taking away the last vestiges of well being and liberty that are left to us–or so they think.

But they can’t take anything away from us without our allowing it, without our participating in their grand drama and charade. Sys-exit, Children of Light. REFUSE to continue playing the divisive game. WE are the ones with the only power, if there is ANY power to be had but Love!

Stop rolling the mind-dice and speculating on what may happen if “THEY” or “HE” or “SHE” does this or that! Of course, we must wake up first and abandon our silly divisive rhetoric so that we can see both the trees and the forest. Is anyone wiling?

Be still and know that YOU and I (WE, the collective I) are powerful to exit this paradigm and begin to rebuild anew on the foundation of Love. New heaven, new earth, right here, right now. Sys-exit from Babylon and be LOVE powerfully walking upon the earth. The power is IN us, AS us! Shine it out!

Transcending the Paradigm of Enslavement; Ascending to the Paradigm of Love

explosed link on a chainWe will never totally be free to BE the FREE sons of Love till we get over our obsession with having kings and presidents and central corporate elite governments. We will also not be free until we . . .

Learn to be still and commune with the Divine Within and listen to its still small voice (#1!)

Stop speculating on and discussing ad infinitum what might happen . . .

Stop desiring more and better stuff to line our material nests (e.g., buying into the materialistic consumeristic world view and mentality) . . .

Leave off the endless discussing of what it seems has happened . . .

Cease our believing something better might happen, if only our “leaders” would do the right thing (always a matter of opinion!) . . .

Stop thinking that the system (the beast!) EVER truly has our best interests at heart . . .

Stop thinking that we can change the system . . .

Realize that the system is a hybrid of all belief systems that would control us, whether temporal or religious or philosophical . . .

Let go of fearing that we cannot escape the system . . .

Cease mindless participation IN the system agendae and programs of control . . . such as the drama of faux elections and false charity . . .

ABSOLUTELY stop PAYING FOR the system through taxes and usury! (this is most egregious!) . . .

End our buying into the notion that the system has anything in mind but the enslavement of ALL the people!


We are already free, if only we would get mentally still and stop the speculation and buying into the system’s false rhetoric and stories. But we are not acting or living out our freedom! We must make contact with the Divine within (some call this the Christ, and some call it the Buddha, some the Brahman, and some the Tao).

We are expressions of the Divine ONE LOVE. We are inherently free except that we have bought into the illusion that we are NOT free. We need to begin acting upon our Divine unction and intuition and exit the System. Only then will we have peace on earth and enough for all, for it will then outflow from within us.

It is totally impossible to serve both Love (God) and mammon (the Babylonian world mind system). Wise up, people of faith. There is no wizard in Oz. The wizard is within. We have fallen asleep in a field of poppies and are hypnotized. We simply need to wake up, realize our inherent sovereignty and LOVE one another, just as Love has always loved us. For we and Love are ONE.

Transcending “Babylon”~~ For GOOD!


We can be FREE, Brothers and Sisters! We can transcend the Babylonian world mind system of usury and economic slavery! WE CAN slip out from under the system and be free to be LOVE walking as the Light of the world. But it will take firm intent, resolve, and courage. It will take our doing it quietly and without fanfare. It is our very DESTINY to heal earth–and one another!

Most of all, we will need to learn to trust the LOVE we are (our innate wisdom, power, and light) to be sufficient to the task. It/We/Love (God if you will) IS sufficient! We will need to spend time in stillness and in the Silent Presence to remember who we are, to make direct contact with TRUE selves!

However, we will need to let go of our hedonistic, consumeristic, materialistic and self-indulgent ways! And we must remember how to live in true, intimate, sharing community. We used to know how to do this, and this ability is still hidden within us. But it has been DELIBERATELY programmed out of our collective consciousness!

We will need to change the way we do food . . . and the way we use the land. We will need to LOCALIZE and grow as much of our own as we can, bypassing the chemically polluted and expensive manufactured foods of our industrialized culture–and that deplete the land.

Our methods must be organic and replenishing, not chemical and depleting. There is MORE than enough land to grow all we need. We can even use our lawns and vacant lots to grow food. There is a PLETHORA of information on how to live free right on the internet! Plus it’s FUN and SO fulfilling for the soul!

The simple technology to live free of the system is here at hand and is abundant. There are SO many simple, sustainable, renewable and non-consumeristic ways to take care of our food, energy and housing needs.

We need to let go of our false dependence on petroleum and its products…Most of them are carcinogens and pollutants–everything from the black death rolling through the pipelines to the various pesticides and insecticides made from it to all those plastic containers (including the ones we use to hold out NOT SO PURE drinking water!).

The ocean would feed us better is we would stop polluting it and over-fishing it. Also, be aware that we don’t need nearly as much animal flesh as we humans consume! There are ways, in fact, to get adequate protein and nutrition without resorting to eating animal flesh, if we so choose. Earth is sufficient…and so are we.

Again, the technology to go sustainable is here, and it is also sufficient. And if we go LOCAL and stop roaming about so much trying to get and hold onto more and better “stuff,” using petroleum products to do so, we can reverse the effects of pollution.

But it’s up to US, the Tribe of Light, to make these changes. The “system” won’t make them, for earth’s welfare is NOT their agenda and neither is humanity! But Babylon–the 1%–will keep doing what they are doing until WE withdraw our support, our funding, and our participation in their government, economic, and war-faring programs and simply allow them to FAIL.

And when they DO fail and fall mightily, we can be ASSURED absolutely that we, being immensely wise and powerful, as Love walking on the earth, will find other, better, healthier and more sane activities to sustain us and uplift the human race clear into a higher dimension of existence–new heaven, new earth. Never fear. Be bold. Be free. We’ve GOT this.

Transcending Babylon — Declawing the Beast

Many are anxious, in turmoil, agonizing and struggling in their minds and with one another over this upcoming “election.” Not I. I have NO anxiety or problems over this faux election, am no longer under the delusion that there is any real choice! Love has SHOWN itself to me (because I sought it out, I suppose, and am learning to TRUST It). I have SEEN the light and the Love I AM is freeing me/us from all of this Babylonian nonsense. And we can ALL be free!

So, while some insist that every vote counts, which I also once believed, inner vision has shown me that NO vote truly counts EXCEPT to further the Babylonian system of usury, discord, division, and enslavement. But we are not of Caesar/ Rome/ Babylon, and the “beast” has NO claim on us except when we ALLOW it by funding it and participating in it, hypnotized and zombified by its deep cloud of deception. But its “power” is only a cloud, illusion, and has no substance when seen with the single eye of Love.

We are LOVE at the deepest core and essence of who we are. And the children of LOVE walk FREE. And KNOWING this, remembering this, is the Truth that will set us free! There is nothing to fear or be anxious about in Love. My vote is for Love as I quietly and without fanfare exit the system, free indeed, joined by all those who have awakened to see the lie for what it is and walk free–as Love would walk.

This mental zit of an election year has highlighted the writing on the wall that NOW is the time to seize the moment to walk about, free, doing good and healing all hearts possessed of the “devil” (the Babylonian religious, governmental, and economic system of mental enslavement).
We cannot serve both Love and the system. The system, despite our desire to believe in it and to trust it, is NOT set up to serve the purposes of Love. We have been duped into thinking we can serve both and deftly deceived into thinking that the system can EVER serve the purposes of Love.

The hypnosis is very deep. It is our buying into this belief in the inherent “goodness” of the system that allows it to enslave the hearts and minds of millions, convincing us that we cannot live outside its deceptive and divisive oversight and purview! But that’s a lie, and only a small change in focus, from lies to Love, will make all the difference. Sys-exit and be FREE, Holy Siblings.

Transcending Guruism

If you are familiar at all with my sharings on the social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook, you may have noticed that I seldom (if ever) share memes or quotes of our popular spirituality lecture circuit icons, gurus and “teachers of truth.” And there is a reason for that. It is because I deeply intuit that our following after these “famous ones” is counter to our realization and remembrance of who we already truly are within. The truth and light is within us, AS us!

Inner light

Following after teachers and gurus and icons misdirects us to an “other” appearing in this world, away from the infinite ALL that is already resident within us. And yet, we pay oodles and oodles of money to these icons in order to repeatedly hear yesterday’s rather stale manna.

For example, Jesus and his sent ones, as far as I can tell, never charged a fee for what they did as they “went about doing good.” Their love, their healings, their teachings were free. There was no charge for the loaves and fishes, no collections taken for healing sessions. And yet the needs of Jesus and his sent ones were supplied as they walked about without extra shoes or cloaks, carrying no purse or scrip.

Yes, it falls to us to support the planters and sowers and healers, as Love leads us to do. And I feel that Love would have the true laborers in Its fields to be liberally supplied! But Love and its caring actions are not products to be sold, promoted, and advertised. Yet they ARE sold, promoted, and advertised….and increasingly so.

Jesus and his sent ones had no “brand” to promote, took upon themselves no special titles, had no front men, no advertising budget or tactics, offered no paid for workshops, retreats, or seminars and gathered no tithes. They simply went about doing good and sharing about the oneness, shining out the light of their love energy.

How did the sharing of Love ever become organized religion or a “spirituality industry,” with icons and teachers and gurus being worshipped (in essence),quoted ad nauseum, and profiting richly while so many go hungry, do basic human needs unmet, and living as homeless?

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