FYI–My Endeavors and Website URL’s

Not many know that I am not only a writer but also an artist. And like many of you, I also am sort of struggling to make my creative efforts gain exposure in a madcap, dog-eat-dog, consumeristic and competitive world. But it’s difficult for me, with my temperament, being all-inclusive, non-competitive and all about the LOVE, to do things the way the world at large does things! I mean, it is gut-wrenchingly difficult for me to self-promote.

But a gal has to survive, and I mean to do so authentically, through my creative efforts. So, to that end, I give you the url’s to the various pages that feature my creative endeavors, where, if you would like, you can purchase my books or various products containing the images of my paintings and original digital designs…. Also, be aware that all of my book covers were created by “moi,” using either my paintings or digital images for the cover art.

Much LOVE to all. We are ONE!

Wedding officiants — My wedding officiant page at Wonder Weddings!

Your Day Your Way — My Facebook Wedding Officiant Page

My “Making my book Eli and the Figure Eight into a movie” funding page

My author’s page

My Google-Plus page

My Facebook author page

My Twitter page 

My primary Facebook page 

My Fine Art America and Cafepress pages, where you can find products imprinted with my fine art and digital images. These products include framed prints of my paintings, clothing items, drinkware, home decorative items and greeting cards, inluding my recently created “Melting Heart” Valentine’s Day card! ~~

Melting Heart Card2