Yes–this: You are loved! Not just the words but also in tangible ways. But the words matter, too, perhaps to break through the mental conditioning? That shell of isolation? Excellent! Love those pillars he defines so well! “I will carry the load, just be with me” . . . and do things with me, together, for ourselves, for one another, and for others. This is truly a gentle teaching to be communicated, both in words and deeds. Communicating one’s Presence attentive, alert to what the heart is saying! Speak only kindly….but speak! Look only warmly! Touch only gently, respectfully. But touch! I’m with him…yes–invade my space with your gentle, loving kindness! And I, dear brother or sister, will touch you gently as well. Let it be so! I so LOVE this! Check it out!

Source: Culture of Gentleness


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