purple fire heart

There must be something wrong with me, if you go by what some folks have hinted at and have said to my face–yes, at times, even family and dearly beloved ones. And in terms of this world and its ways, perhaps this is so. But through many floods, storms, disappointments, abandonments, and heartbreak galore, I have never completely shut down, shut out, or given up on love. Nor have I become bitter or cynical. My sad retreats have been momentary, as I’ve licked some wounds and have cried out for help from Source.
This miracle is not my doing, does not make me special. It is the fire of love inherent within me that has done this, nothing else. (We all have this!) If I am gifted in this way, it is a gift of somehow being able to hear Love’s still small voice through the loud, raucus, discordant, hateful and often violent voices of this world-at-large. Have I known disappointments? Yes, many–and deep ones! But this gift has often, in actuality, saved my life and has salved those wounds.
However, I see so many who DO shut down and cave in to cynicism and bitterness. And this makes compassion well up within me. So let me add, as assurance to any who have succumbed to this, that as I’ve traveled, often solitary, through this often dark vale called “the world,” this power within me has held me up and kept me going. Thank Love for this because though it seems I have not accomplished much in this life (I haven’t!–not in the things that humans measure, compare, and call success), I have not lost the ability to love–and to love deeply.
If you ask some, they will say I have loved foolishly at times, and perhaps I have. Well, I must actually admit this is so–more times than I care to recount. But always I have loved full bore. Thank Love for this. Thank the ONE GREAT LIGHT that ability lives in us all. Thank Love that we can know and choose never to give up on being the light we wish to see, the light we wish to give, and the light we wish to receive in this world.
All I can say to you is this, with all my heart: DON’T hide your love away. Use it, display it, give it out without measure. Disappointments may come even as you do so. But never fear being a fool for love, because what you give, despite seeming setbacks and disappointments, will one day return to you, pressed down, shaken together, and running over.
Never give up. But now and then be still and listen to the voice of LOVE within you. Shut out those other voices. Know that the voice of the ONE LOVE within you will lead you to where you are meant to be.

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