It came to me quite vividly today that the final and ultimate way to affect my own healing and wellness is to totally and fearlessly give in to the Infinite; to tap into the vast and unlimited energy of who I am by allowing myself (at last) to actually live as the alpha female sheepdog I was created to be!

To step past those old tapes (barricades to my personal and spiritual energy) and self/other-imposed and once deeply accepted beliefs and limitations.

To stop laying my heart down at the feet of anyone who would trample upon it or devalue the greatness that lies within (including at my own feet!)

To be my truest, baddest, “Boadicea” self, never standing down.

The calling is to guard hearts opening to powerful and universal truth; to nurture and protect that kind of growth in all who come to be within my circle of blessing. Nor shall I ever throw upon anyone the burden or label of “work,” but shall call to the flow of Love within, Whose yoke is easy and Whose “burden” is a soft and gentle LIGHT!

The sword is powerful Truth, known as the True Self I AM within us all. The ram’s horn call to action is to care for, to protect and to empower “the least of these my brethren.” The “battle” and the way are within, flowing to what appears to be “without.”



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