We can be FREE, Brothers and Sisters! We can transcend the Babylonian world mind system of usury and economic slavery! WE CAN slip out from under the system and be free to be LOVE walking as the Light of the world. But it will take firm intent, resolve, and courage. It will take our doing it quietly and without fanfare. It is our very DESTINY to heal earth–and one another!

Most of all, we will need to learn to trust the LOVE we are (our innate wisdom, power, and light) to be sufficient to the task. It/We/Love (God if you will) IS sufficient! We will need to spend time in stillness and in the Silent Presence to remember who we are, to make direct contact with TRUE selves!

However, we will need to let go of our hedonistic, consumeristic, materialistic and self-indulgent ways! And we must remember how to live in true, intimate, sharing community. We used to know how to do this, and this ability is still hidden within us. But it has been DELIBERATELY programmed out of our collective consciousness!

We will need to change the way we do food . . . and the way we use the land. We will need to LOCALIZE and grow as much of our own as we can, bypassing the chemically polluted and expensive manufactured foods of our industrialized culture–and that deplete the land.

Our methods must be organic and replenishing, not chemical and depleting. There is MORE than enough land to grow all we need. We can even use our lawns and vacant lots to grow food. There is a PLETHORA of information on how to live free right on the internet! Plus it’s FUN and SO fulfilling for the soul!

The simple technology to live free of the system is here at hand and is abundant. There are SO many simple, sustainable, renewable and non-consumeristic ways to take care of our food, energy and housing needs.

We need to let go of our false dependence on petroleum and its products…Most of them are carcinogens and pollutants–everything from the black death rolling through the pipelines to the various pesticides and insecticides made from it to all those plastic containers (including the ones we use to hold out NOT SO PURE drinking water!).

The ocean would feed us better is we would stop polluting it and over-fishing it. Also, be aware that we don’t need nearly as much animal flesh as we humans consume! There are ways, in fact, to get adequate protein and nutrition without resorting to eating animal flesh, if we so choose. Earth is sufficient…and so are we.

Again, the technology to go sustainable is here, and it is also sufficient. And if we go LOCAL and stop roaming about so much trying to get and hold onto more and better “stuff,” using petroleum products to do so, we can reverse the effects of pollution.

But it’s up to US, the Tribe of Light, to make these changes. The “system” won’t make them, for earth’s welfare is NOT their agenda and neither is humanity! But Babylon–the 1%–will keep doing what they are doing until WE withdraw our support, our funding, and our participation in their government, economic, and war-faring programs and simply allow them to FAIL.

And when they DO fail and fall mightily, we can be ASSURED absolutely that we, being immensely wise and powerful, as Love walking on the earth, will find other, better, healthier and more sane activities to sustain us and uplift the human race clear into a higher dimension of existence–new heaven, new earth. Never fear. Be bold. Be free. We’ve GOT this.


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