Many are anxious, in turmoil, agonizing and struggling in their minds and with one another over this upcoming “election.” Not I. I have NO anxiety or problems over this faux election, am no longer under the delusion that there is any real choice! Love has SHOWN itself to me (because I sought it out, I suppose, and am learning to TRUST It). I have SEEN the light and the Love I AM is freeing me/us from all of this Babylonian nonsense. And we can ALL be free!

So, while some insist that every vote counts, which I also once believed, inner vision has shown me that NO vote truly counts EXCEPT to further the Babylonian system of usury, discord, division, and enslavement. But we are not of Caesar/ Rome/ Babylon, and the “beast” has NO claim on us except when we ALLOW it by funding it and participating in it, hypnotized and zombified by its deep cloud of deception. But its “power” is only a cloud, illusion, and has no substance when seen with the single eye of Love.

We are LOVE at the deepest core and essence of who we are. And the children of LOVE walk FREE. And KNOWING this, remembering this, is the Truth that will set us free! There is nothing to fear or be anxious about in Love. My vote is for Love as I quietly and without fanfare exit the system, free indeed, joined by all those who have awakened to see the lie for what it is and walk free–as Love would walk.

This mental zit of an election year has highlighted the writing on the wall that NOW is the time to seize the moment to walk about, free, doing good and healing all hearts possessed of the “devil” (the Babylonian religious, governmental, and economic system of mental enslavement).
We cannot serve both Love and the system. The system, despite our desire to believe in it and to trust it, is NOT set up to serve the purposes of Love. We have been duped into thinking we can serve both and deftly deceived into thinking that the system can EVER serve the purposes of Love.

The hypnosis is very deep. It is our buying into this belief in the inherent “goodness” of the system that allows it to enslave the hearts and minds of millions, convincing us that we cannot live outside its deceptive and divisive oversight and purview! But that’s a lie, and only a small change in focus, from lies to Love, will make all the difference. Sys-exit and be FREE, Holy Siblings.


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