FYI–My Endeavors and Website URL’s

Not many know that I am not only a writer but also an artist. And like many of you, I also am sort of struggling to make my creative efforts gain exposure in a madcap, dog-eat-dog, consumeristic and competitive world. But it’s difficult for me, with my temperament, being all-inclusive, non-competitive and all about the LOVE, to do things the way the world at large does things! I mean, it is gut-wrenchingly difficult for me to self-promote.

But a gal has to survive, and I mean to do so authentically, through my creative efforts. So, to that end, I give you the url’s to the various pages that feature my creative endeavors, where, if you would like, you can purchase my books or various products containing the images of my paintings and original digital designs…. Also, be aware that all of my book covers were created by “moi,” using either my paintings or digital images for the cover art.

Much LOVE to all. We are ONE!

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My Fine Art America and Cafepress pages, where you can find products imprinted with my fine art and digital images. These products include framed prints of my paintings, clothing items, drinkware, home decorative items and greeting cards, inluding my recently created “Melting Heart” Valentine’s Day card! ~~

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Transcending Fear of Being Human (i.e., Flesh Is Not Evil!)

There is a message that lies subtly hidden in our holy books that we quote so often and that we regard as holding the absolute truth. (No matter what the book, from what I’ve observed! I’ve studied most of them with an eye to discover truth–and found that truth within).

There is an undercurrent in these books (Bible, ACIM, and others) that hints strongly that this world we see with the two eyes is not worthy of our Love and that if we enjoy it on any level or if we love one another’s mortal appearances in certain ways (as couples, as close friends, etc.) we are betraying our spirituality.

You see, my beloveds, despite the high-sounding spiritual rhetoric bemoaning our humanity, I truly and deeply feel that just the opposite is true–at least once we understand what Love truly is. And that is that to Love one another while yet seeming to appear in the body suit, in intimate relationship, is perhaps the highest form of Love…. to get past the conditions and to Love what is looking out from behind the fleshy face and the two-eyed virtual goggles.

Our calling, I strongly and deeply feel, is to be Love walking and loving right through and into the dream of separation, including the least of these my brethren, our friends, our mates, our children. This is where Love shines the best.

Oh, please, let’s get past the words written in books and spoken so “wisely” and loftily by our MANY gurus, and let us just shine our Love on one another, yes, even on all of “faulty” humanity, full bore, in the understanding that this ALSO is highly spiritual, perhaps the very epitome of spiritual!

For all that is seen with the two eyes was formed directly from the unseen, and where death and disease and discord appear, it is our function AS Love to shine freely and brightly, dissipating the false and revealing the true and setting the captive FREE!

AUM AMEN I AM LOVE–and we are ONE. To the pure in heart, all things are pure.

Transcending Mere Words and Thoughts: Living as Love

This old gal has learned a lot from “holy books”–several of them. My first exposure was to the Bible, which I sincerely, deeply studied for many years. And I listened to its many teachers and so-called “authorities” on “God’s Word,” which according to them, is the Bible, preferably the King James version. However, the authorities seemed to want to turn me aside from the truth I FELT hidden in those pages to something else, something dark and rigid. Doctrines, opinions, interpretations galore–not in sync with what I felt within!

But Jesus’ message (as I understood it–heartwise) resonated deeply, and I held onto his message, letting go of the religion organized around him, where he had become an object of worship (I felt, against his own wishes!). But oh, how I FELT Jesus and loved him–and still do!

And then, still not satisfied, I studied other “holy books” offering that seemed to be truth, both old ancient ones and modern ones. You see, I had always been led to believe that the key was in the study, in the perceptions of the mind, the thoughts, the thought systems, the beliefs. On the pages of these other books I found similar things written, though they did not always agree.

Still I found threads running through these books, often small, hidden ones, of a common theme, a hint of that divine spark of Love within us. I found words of Buddha and Lao Tse and others who had achieved their own realization of Oneness with Source–with Love. That deep and gentle FEELING of encountering truth pointed me to the Love within and nothing else. But it took years for me to trust this feeling. And I studied on and on.

But from the plethora of different teachers that aligned themselves with these other holy books, I got more and varying spins yet again on what those many words meant. More divisions of opinion and revelation, even more splintering of truth. So many taking on roles as as gurus, teacher, interpreters. The value in these experiences came down to only one thing for me.

Ultimately, it became clear to me that listening to the heart’s voice was the goal, the means, the narrow way to freeing Truth. My heart said, “Listen not so much to men as teachers of words–and not so much to words in books, for all truth is in you, as you…and in ALL living!” My heart said, quite in agreement with those hidden threads in the books, that Love is the answer, and that Love’s still, wordless voice is the only one to which I need listen.

Trust Love and listen to Its voice within. Love is God is Love is all, and It is IN us, AS us. Words in holy books point only to this ONE LOVE, beyond words and thoughts, that we truly ARE, and LIVING It. It’s all about the wordless voice of Love within. And for now, that’s all I’ve got to say about that. And oh, yes, I LOVE you, and we are ONE.

Transcending Preachiness (the religious, “fix-my-brother” mindset)

You can take the preacher out of religion, but it seems to take quite a while to get the preaching mindset out of the preacher. As a descendant of multiple generations of hellfire and brimstone preachers, I know how difficult it has been for me to abandon this mindset. I hope never act like a “preacher” again–meaning I hope never to use emotions, so-called “logic,” histrionics, tears and pleading, “holy scriptures,” or ANY sort of accusation or intimidation to in ANY way try to “wake up” my brothers or sisters.

Besides, who is to say who is enlightened or awakened or not? For those of you who have found your way out of the mental prison of stultifying good vs. evil, us vs. them religion, who see the world mind system for what it is, I’m happy for you. But railing constantly against religion or the world system, and accusing those who still sleep of being hypnotized and fooled (of being, basically, asleep??) has never never been effective.

As far I can see, yelling at someone or emotionally pleading with someone to wake up (spiritually) has awakened not a single soul, but rather has only served to stiffen their resistance! That approach never worked on me, whether I was inside religion or out of it. What DID work for me is just plain slogging through this world, which finally wore away my resistance to LOVE. Preaching never did this for me. And I doubt it did this for anyone.

Then, once I got to the bottom of that barrel, I could finally look up and see the light, but more importantly, to see those who we walking authentically IN and AS that light. I can honestly say that they were NOT the ones who were preaching at me about waking up, were not the ones telling me how fooled I had been! And they were not the ones begging and pleading with me to change! These are the ones who simply shine. It is their beautiful shining that has influenced me to do the same.

They were the ones who were quietly, without fanfare, living and walking as Love’s shining example. These are the ones who quietly minister Love, who speak softly of Love rather than to preach about how broken and sleepy their brother might be.