Transcending Race Consciousness

racial unity
Race consciousness, from whomever, wherever, whenever is DIVISION consciousness. It comes straight from the tree (mindset) of two powers, as does all divisive thinking. In unity consciousness, i.e., consciousness of LOVE, illusion’s history is let go and forgotten, the past forgiven.

For in Unity-Love consciousness, we abide in Infinity where there are no races. Let go of the history, abandon the past, embrace the beauty within all, and just LOVE one another.

The world would keep trying to bring us back to the histories of division. Media, philosophies, religions, and politics use the false concept of race to divide and conquer, defining and separating us according to the color of the wrapping. And these divisive constructs keep bringing up and highlighting these divisive stories in order to CONTROL us and keep us at odds with one another.

Love discounts ALL such mental fig leaves and lets go of the history and never-ending stories in order to bring us together in unity, embracing variety but seeing NO division there. Love sees a rainbow, blended and beautiful, with no separation.

Do not let the world mind system continue to condition your mind to see division of ANY sort. It is ALL illusion. Refuse to be a puppet of the world mind system! Be still and KNOW this Love that we ALL are! And love one another–ALL of one another; for we ARE ONE.