Transcending Greed in Religion

Here is an excerpt from my next book, titled “The Key to Abundance: Not What You Thought (Or Were Taught) It is” ~~ to be published by the end of 9/2015Front Cover Key

“We are told by trusted teachers and leaders in our churched world, particularly in mainstream Christianity, that our Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and that this reflects how prosperous we all should be—in material terms. Christian ministers expound at great length on the virtues of giving to God in order to receive God’s blessings, that we can expect to be blessed beyond measure in all good material things, in our relationships, in our health, and more. This message is further reinforced by the guilt-producing repetition of an out-of-context scripture that hints that if we do not submit to compulsory tithing and frequent offerings of our often hard-won cash, we are robbing God. But is this what Jesus taught?

“And outside of the church, in the secular realm, the message is that if we work hard and save our money, managing it wisely, we will have all we want and desire of this world’s money and goods. But isn’t it telling how none of these have worked out for all of us, and how just a few seem to have a firm handhold on the major portion of earth’s bounty?

“Trust me when I boldly assert that this is not God’s doing (not Love’s doing!). It is entirely carnal man’s doing, the product of selfish ego, convinced by its belief in our prodigal separation from a God out there somewhere, that our earth tenure is a matter of fighting over husks in a trough. We are enamored of the prodigal’s finite world—of a mental sense realm that veils the kingdom from our two-eyed sight.

“Clearly the message of mainstream Christianity is that abundance is about cash and about things, about material comfort and blessings—about how to please and/or manipulate God so that we are deemed worthy of receiving those blessings. It is rooted in guilt and fear, and has come to be a message about making deals with God in order to receive what is already ours by inheritance! His favor and blessings! But is that at ALL what Jesus taught? No! Not in any way, shape or form!”


Trancending Labels

Christian, Buddhist, Theist, Atheist, Humanist, Wiccan, Gnostic, Pagan, Agnostic, Liberal/Conservative–and more. I’m tired of ALL the labels. I think they are a distraction from the task at hand, which, in my view, is to love and take care of one another, impersonally, across the board.

What resonates with me is Jesus’ teaching of our union with Source and to Love one another. And he exemplified this Way of Love. So have others throughout human history. But I do not call myself Christian, humanist, theist or “new atheist” or agnostic or any other thing relating to religion or philosophies of men.

There is always some new label or doctrine about who we are that makes fodder for more discussion about who we are. I’m see no point in allowing our obsession with labels and definitions or ideologies of ANY sort take precedence over our looking within, finding out who we are, and living out from that knowing.

My own hard-won, deeply felt understanding is that there IS a first cause, call it God or Love or Source or the Universe, or whatever, and that we are spin-offs from that. What remains is whether we believe the lies about ourselves, that we are LESS than perfect children of the ONE inclusive ONE, and continue to live in discord or transcend all that mess–OR–do we go against the world mindset, and simply learn to be Love to one another, to be kind to one another and to restore the world to its original state of purity and innocence. (I believe we have that power in us!)

Whatever Source is, we seem to be Its expressions. But hitherto we are not LIVING as that. We can keep discussing this till the cows come home. But when will we know ourselves truly as we are and love one another as ONE? I think not till we each one look within ourselves, truly look, with firm resolve to know who and what we truly are. Not till we seek this first… yes, not till we ask, seek, knock, and open our OWN inner door that shuts IN our light.