Transcending Darkness and Into the Light

Naked Light Cover

An excerpt from my newest book, Beautiful, Naked Light: More Notes From My Inner Garden ~~

IF there ever was such an entity as Satan, I am assured that it was only the part of man that fell asleep in a dream of separation. Collective humanity found itself, in that dream, scrapping and fighting over the things of this world—over finite husks in a finite trough.

This is because in this finite world (the vain imagination), the prodigal is born and dies (in his own mind) and must subsist on husks in a material world, of which Jesus said his kingdom is not. Remember that when Jesus said, “Get thee behind me Satan,” he was speaking to Peter, looking straight at him. He was simply addressing the carnal Peter who had expressed his emotional and human concerns. Jesus was speaking also to his own carnal side that tempted him in his wilderness experience, causing it so submit to the will of Love.

Most people also do not realize that the idea of “Satan” (an evil being of power named Ahriman in Zorastrianism) comes entirely from ancient Persia.

Wikipedia offers this: “According to Zoroaster, Ahura Mazdā created the universe and the cosmic order that he maintains. He created the twin spirits Spenta Mainyu and Angra Mainyu (Ahriman)—the former beneficent, choosing truth, light, and life, the latter destructive, choosing deceit, darkness, and death. The struggle of the spirits against each other makes up the history of the world.”

It’s the Persian myth of creation that made it through into the story in Genesis. Nevertheless, “My kingdom is NOT of this world.”
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